for gen z, by gen z


By 2020, over 2.5bn of the world's consumers will be categorised as Gen Z. We believe that many brands are too focussed on the 'millenial' buzzword and have failed to prepare themselves for this tectonic shift in consumer behaviour. As Gen Zers ourselves, we are uniquely positioned to help brands refine their digital and marketing strategies to better target this lucrative market.

Adam Flanagan.jpg

Adam Flanagan, Founding Partner & Tech Lead

Aged just 17, Adam also acts as the founder of Future Summits, an organisation that runs tech conferences and hackathons for teenagers with the ambition of getting more teenagers involved in tech entrepreneurship.

This has given Adam highly valuable insights into the nuances of running and marketing a teen-oriented brand, particularly in areas such as social media marketing and differentiating your brand to a Gen Z audience.

Adam has been recognised for his entrepreneurial achievements, being the youngest member of the 'Founders of the Future' gathering at 10 Downing Street.


Harry Beard, Founding Partner & Marketing Lead

At 18, Harry is already a social media marketing guru, having founded OPEN marketing agency which has since gained a reputation as delivering some of the best value campaigns in the UK. Under this agency, Harry has worked alongside some of the UK's leading brands, with one notable example of delivering a campaign with a reach of 5m for just £24.

Harry is also adept at marketing to Gen Z customers, having founded a streetwear clothing brand aged just 16. After growing this brand to achieve a substantial following and international sales he sold it to focus on developing Future Labs.

Harry has also been recognised for his entrepreneurial initiative, most notably by Ernst & Young who named him as one of the UK's top 3 student entrepreneurs.